PLC & AC Drive Industrial Automation Online Certificate Course
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PLC & AC Drive Industrial Automation Online Certificate Course

Get thoroughly Trained in PLC & AC Drive from an Industry Expert- Rajvir Singh

6 Aug 2013

Self paced


Your Search for the Best Training on PLC & AC Drive Industrial Automation Ends Here!


In an era when efficient instrumentation/automation processes have become a touchstone of industrial profitability and efficacy, you or your engineers should be equipped with nothing but the best.

The course brings forth an opportunity for students and engineers to-
  • Get certified by the industry expert in Automation
  • Experience the industrial ambience


The course also ensures higher proactivity to face any situation while on the floor, whether it is a breakdown or need to modify a process to increase output or need to device a complete manufacturing process. It allows you to understand how to monitor process performance and provide information on efficiency, safety, identify process problems to reduce downtime and many other facets.

This Course is a MUST for:-
  • Students & Engineers looking forward to broadening their skills
  • Automation Industry/companies looking forward to train their employees
  • Working Professionals, who want flexibility of space and time with their work schedule
  • Companies who want to enhance their efficacy and profit -working people who find it difficult to take out time learn


Student Testimonials:
# Hi Rajvir, Thanks for the great videos. I sure hope there is some more on the way. Would like to learn more about HMI Comm. and MODBUS RTU. ~ Pieter Jamneck, South Africa.

# Hi Rajvir, I find your course very helpful , thanks a lot for parting such important lesson on PLCs ~ Syed Misbah.


Course Deliverables:
  • 94 PLC Video Tutorials
  • 21 PLC Programs
  • 4 Presentations on Allen Bradley PLC Instructions, Siemens S7 200 Instructions, PLC Application Slides, PLC
  • Troubleshooting & Maintenance Slide respectively.
  • 17 Circuits Diagram
  • 3 PLC Tests with Solutions
  • 2 VFD Test with Solutions (pdf format)
  • 5 Help books (e-books) relevant to Online Training curriculum
  • Authorized Access to NFI Knowledge Portal that have hundreds of Circuits & Q/A
  • Access to class recordings for 1 year
  • Training Certificate issued from NFI, INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION TRAINING ACADEMY, Panchkula (Haryana), INDIA


YOU ALSO GET: 2 FREE Open Source Software's - PLC Programming Software & PLC ITS PE.

Course Curriculum:

# Delta SS Series with 16 SP & 08 SM Digital Cards - 39 Videos
1. Introduction to PLC & PLC Wiring
2. How Ladder Logic Programming Works
3. Introduction to PLC Trainer & PLC Software
4. Fundamental Commands of PLC (4.1)
5. Fundamental Commands of PLC
6. Fundamental Commands of PLC
7. Fundamental Command of PLC
8. Fundamental Commands of PLC
9. Fundamental Commands of PLC
10. Fundamental Commands of PLC
11. SET & RESET Command
12. Timers & Counters
13. SET & RESET Commands
14. SET & RESET Commands
15. Timer & Counter Commands
16. Data Registers
17. Data Registers
18. Data Registers
19. Internal Memory
20. Understanding Rising Edge & falling Edge Commands
21. Introduction to ITS
22. Understanding Increment & Decrement Commands
23. Arithmetic Commands of PLC
24. PLC Box Sorting (Left & Right)
25. PLC Alternate Box Sorting
26. Mov Commands (Block Move & Fill Move)
27. PLC Command: Call Jump
28. PLC Command: Interrupts
29. PLC Command: Invert
30. PLC Command: Master Control Relay
31. PLC Command: Pulse Execution for Outputs/Memory Bits
32. PLC Command: Pulse Width Modulation
33. PLC Command: Retentive Timer
34. PLC Command: Sequencer
35. PLC Command: Step Command
36. PLC Commands: Subroutines
37. PLC Command: Up_Down Counter
38. PLC Command: Zone Compare
39. PLC Box Sorting Final Project

# Allen Bradley PLC Video Tutorials: (24 Videos)
1. Understanding XIO, XIC, OUT
2. Understanding Output Latched and Unlatched
3. Understanding OSR- One Shot Rising
4. Understanding Timers
5. Understanding Counters
6. Comparison Commands
7. Data Registers & MEQ Commands
8. Increment & Decrement
9. Arithmetic Commands
10. Scaling
11. Copy & Fill Commands
12. Move Commands
13. Jump & Label Command
14. TO & FROM
15. Jump & Subroutine
16. TND & MCR
17. Logical Instructions
18. Sequencer Output
19. Sequencer Load
20. Sequencer Compare
21. FIFO Load & Unload
22. LIFO Load & Unload
23. Encoding & Decoding
24. High Speed Counters

# Schneider Videos List (10 Videos)
Lesson 1: Understanding Schneider Software Environment
Lesson 2: Fundamental Commands of PLC
Lesson 3: Understanding Memory Registers
Lesson 4: Timers (Function A & a)
Lesson 5: Timers (Function C, B, W & D)
Lesson 6: Timers (Other Fucntions)
Lesson 7: Counters - I
Lesson 8: Counters - II
Lesson 9: Counters Comparators
Lesson 10: Analog Comparators

# General Concept Videos
1 - Concepts of NO_NC

# Siemens PLC (15 Videos)
Lesson 1- Series and Parallel Circuits
Lesson 2 - Latching and Unlatching (SET_RST Command)
Lesson 3- Immediate Command and NOT command
Lesson 4 - Rising and falling edge commands
Lesson 5 - SET_REST Dominate Instructions
Lesson 6 - Timers
Lessons 7 - Counters
Lesson 8- Increment_Decrement
Lesson 9 - Move Instruction, Byte, Word, Double and Real
Lesson 10- Block Move
Lesson 11- SWAP
Lesson 12- Move Immediate
Lesson 13- Jump_label
Lesson 14- SCR, SCRT, SCRE
Lesson 15- END_STOP_LED_Diag
Lesson 16- Understanding Analog to Digital Cards in PLC
Lesson 17- Understanding Digital to Analog Cards in PLC
Lesson 18- Digital to Analog Application Example
Lesson 19- Gain and Offset Setting in Analog to Digital Cards
Lesson 20- Gain & offset Setting in Digital to Analog Cards

Language of instruction: English

About the instructor
NFI- Industrial Automation Training Academy

Panchkula , India

Mr. Rajvir Singh, is an Associate Director at NFI-Industrial Automation Training Academy, Panchkula (Haryana), India.


  • Awarded Silver Medal in Graduation- B.Tech – Electronics & Instrumentation (2013)
  • Given On-site Training on PLC & VFD Wiring, Installation & Programming in Industries like ITC, USV, Asian Paints, Patanjali – World’s largest Food & Herbal Park, Stylum, Panchkula & in many Engineering Colleges/Universities in Punjab & Himachal Pradesh, India.
  • Published around 200 Intellectual Questionnaires on PLC, Servo, VFD, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, PID, Analog/Digital Cards & Industrial Control (2012)
  • Published Presentation on PLC, Pneumatics, PID, HMI, VFD & Servo at Slide-share (
  • Published Online Course & DVD on “Learn PLC in a Day” on YouTube with more than 55,000 views & still counting ( (Dec, 2012)
  • Published Knowledge base website ( on Industrial Automation & Control with a motive to provide Open Source Knowledge on Industrial Automation
  • Designed Flexible Learning Trainers for teaching each on Allen Bradley, Siemens & Delta PLC, HMI, Delta/ Panasonic Servo’s, VFD’s & Sensors
  • Demonstrated Electro- Pneumatic Robotic Arm to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (Former India President) on the eve of Inauguration of IDEA Factory in Baddi University (2011)
  • Designed & published 120 circuits diagrams on Industrial Control, Digital Electronics circuits, PLC Circuits, Electro- Pneumatics & Electro- Hydraulics circuits (2010)
  • Achieved 3rd Position among top 15 Mechatronic Engineers in ISTC (2008)


  • M/c Panel Designing, Circuit Designing & Troubleshooting
  • PLC Wiring, Installation & Programming – Siemens S7 200 , Allen Bradley Micrologix 1000, 1400 & Delta SS, SA & SV Series
  • HMI Screen Designing – Allen Bradley C 300 & Delta (A Series & B Series)
  • Servo & VFD Wiring, Installation & Programming – Delta B Series & Panasonic- A4 Minas
  • Industrial Hydraulics, Proportional Hydraulics & Pneumatics Actuation System
  • Solid Works Designing 2012- Part, Assembly & Drawings
  • Embedded System – Arduino Control Programming
  • Worked on Festo Electro- Pneumatic Educational Trainer


  • Double-Fly Wheel Rotor Winding Machine (PLC-SERVO Synchronization & HMI based with Special Diagnostic facilitation)
  • MCB Packing Machine, (PLC - HMI based)
  • Chapati Making Machine (PLC, HMI, VFD and PID based)
  • Tablet Counting & Filling Machine (PLC - HMI based)
  • Pick and Place Pneumatically Operated Arm (PLC based)
  • AC Servo Motor controlling using Joystick
  • Also undertook small projects like Servo Drives and VFD installation in small scale industries.


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